How To Fix Error 5200 Canon iP2770

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How To Fix Error 5200 Canon iP2770. we felt very disturbed when we try to print a document, but we use a printer problem occurs, we panicked and did not know what to do, if you encounter such a case, you may have recourse to a more aware, but if you want you can try looking in search engine. one example that we want to give is erorr 5200 on Canon iP2770. Error 5200 on a Canon iP2770 usually appears on the screen when we want to print a document. The error is usually caused by a paper jam when printing process. If you experience this, please try the two ways below (select one), I recommend the first method, if it does not work, try the second way!

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First Step How To Fix Error 5200 Canon iP2770

  1. Make sure printer are turn off and cable plugged in
  2. Press the RESUME Button 2 Seconds then press POWER button until the green light on ( when pressing Power Button, Do Not Release Resume Button)
  3. Then release the RESUME button (POWER button still Hold)
  4. While pressing the POWER button, press the Resume button 5 times. Led will light green orange alternately with the last flame orange ( Remember : 5 TIMES, Do Not Make Mistake)
  5. Release both buttons simultaneously
  6. Led will blink for a while and then will flash GREEN.
  7. The computer will detect the new hardware, ignore!
  8. Press the POWER button, then the printer will off
  9. Press the POWER button again then the printer on and ready to use

Second Steps How To Fix Error 5200 Canon iP2770

  1. Turn on the printer, and the printer will look normal
  2. Run a printer for printing a document or print test, then error 5200 will appear
  3. Direct unplug the power cord without pressing the ON / OFF
  4. Open and slide the cartridge into the middle manually (press the white latch hook behind the head, so that the cartridge can be pulled into the middle)
  5. Unplug all cartridges and leave the cover open
  6. Turn on the printer, the head will move left to right crashing because the lid is still open and will stop in the middle

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